Fright Night with Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Hart in haunted house

Fright Night with Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Hart in haunted house

Join Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Hart for a thrilling exploration of a haunted house. This adventure is packed with screams and laughs, perfect for fans of lighthearted horror.

Where Was the Scream Heard? Locating the Haunted House

Last Halloween, the echoes of laughter and screams filled the air, but the loudest screams were undoubtedly from the haunted house visited by Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Hart.

The location of this memorable fright night was none other than the infamous Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia, a site known for its chilling history and ghostly inhabitants.

To uncover where Fallon and Hart’s adventure took place, fans and thrill-seekers can start by visiting the Penitentiary’s official website, which offers virtual tours and historical insights. For those planning to visit, getting there is easy:

  • Directions: Simply input Eastern State Penitentiary into Google Maps for the best route from your location.
  • Admission: Tickets can be booked online via Eastern State’s official website, where special Halloween tours are available in October.
  • Prepare for Your Visit: Wear comfortable shoes and bring a flashlight – some areas inside are dimly lit and the terrain can be uneven.

To authenticate the haunted house visit by Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Hart, credible sources such as the Tonight Show’s YouTube channel and NBC’s official website often provide behind-the-scenes clips and interviews. These resources are invaluable for fans who want to delve deeper into the experience and see the raw, unedited reactions of their favorite celebrities.

To ensure a trip similar to Fallon and Hart’s, consider these tips:

  • Timing: Visit during the Halloween season to experience the full eerie atmosphere that the duo enjoyed.
  • Background Research: Reading up on the history of the penitentiary on educational sites like Smithsonian Magazine and can enhance your visit.
  • Capture Your Experience: Bring a camera to document your journey and compare it with the clips from the show. This can make for a fun, interactive way to engage with the experience.

Exploring other haunted locales that have been featured on television can also enrich your understanding and appreciation of these spooky adventures. Websites like Travel Channel and blogs dedicated to haunted explorations offer lists and reviews of other haunted houses worth visiting.

When Did the Laughter Erupt? Episode Air Date and Clip Availability

The unforgettable episode featuring Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Hart in the haunted house aired during the 2019 Halloween season. Specifically, it was released on October 31, 2019, and has since been a favorite rewatch for fans of The Tonight Show.

For those looking to catch this hilarious segment, here’s how you can find it:

  • Tonight Show’s YouTube Channel: The full clip is available for free, providing an easy and accessible option for everyone.
  • NBC’s Official Website: For a more extended experience, the full episode can be viewed here, though it may require a TV provider login.

From Scared to Hilarious Reactions of Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Hart

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From Scared to Hilarious: Reactions of Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Hart

Viewers could hardly forget the mixture of terror and hilarity as Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Hart navigated the shadowy corners of the haunted house. Their reactions ranged from high-pitched screams to uncontrollable laughter, providing a perfect blend of fear and fun.

Did the Frights Go Viral? Public Reception of the Clip

After airing, the haunted house challenge went viral, with millions of views on YouTube and numerous shares across social media platforms. The episode was a hit, largely due to the chemistry between Fallon and Hart and their wildly entertaining reactions.

Beyond the Clip: The Inspiration and Planning

The idea for this challenge was sparked by previous segments where Hart and Fallon faced their fears together. This particular setup was planned with a keen attention to detail to maximize the comedic and scare factors, which were evidently successful.

Halloween Fun for All: Related Content and Recommendations

For those inspired by Fallon and Hart’s frightful yet amusing expedition, there are plenty of other celebrity Halloween activities to explore. From Ellen DeGeneres’ haunted house visits to celebrity costume parties, the Halloween season is rich with content.


Reliving Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Hart’s haunted house experience shows just how entertaining a spooky adventure can be. Check out their hilarious escapade today at !

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